Buying social skills (I'm dead serious) -- 1337 gaming skills useless in iRL

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I was dumbfounded after seeing a midget get personal specifics from this hot nursing student while I was inside one of those local internet gaming hubs. The midget ushered the young lady to one of those pc units in that shop. He introduced himself and politely asked the young lady if he can have her name and mobile number if it wasn't too much. Guess what he got? The girl's full name (name and last name included), the girl's mobile phone number, and her email address for friendster!!

So I changed my status message on my YM saying "Buying social skills, PM offers". A friend of mine whom loves playing MMOs and RPGs obliged to play along with the status. Here 's our conversation:

Seller: kano mo buy
Seller: bentahan kita
Me: offer ka
Seller: ikaw po offer
Me: accept ko best offer
Seller: hmm...
Me: 50k?
Seller: nope po
Seller: so far po best offer is 3.7m + sports car yung red
Me: hmm...
Me: wala bang discount?
Me: i'll buy in bulks
Seller: hmmm
Seller: 2% dc po
Seller: baba pa lang level ko e
Me: hmm ano ba level meron ka?
Me: kung high level yung social skills mo, i'll be willing to pay more than you're pricing
Seller: high level
Seller: pure social skills build ako e
Seller: kaya mababa lang yung dc skills ko
Me: wala kang bartering skills?!
Seller: yoko na haha
Seller: nood muna ako

Well, the seller wasn't able to sell me some. And he left me to watch a set of One Piece anime episodes! Anyone have some social skills on sale? >:D

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  1. not all have the luck on having "social skills"

    I had an episode where there's this really cute guy who approached while I was on my way home. And asked if it was ok to introduce himself and get my name and my cellphone number.

    He was really cute, but I didn't gave him my number although he got my first name and then he gave me his cellphone number.

    It's been two months since that event happened and I still have his #. Should I or should I not text him now? hehe. Talk about sales pitch. ;) take care, my friend.