Sick, beat and wasted, but still satisfied -- What a way to start July

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Its a wonder what some idiots can do for you while you lie helpless in bed. I happen to have 1 for my younger brother and 2 more for a pair of cousins. They happen to be claiming as the "Tatlong Itlog" (three eggs) group in our little room that we stay in within my grandma's recidence.

Well... It's like this, I was sick of fever (or was it flu), that I barely got the strength to move myself from the bed I'm resting on. I was beaming up the heat stick to a very comfortable 39.1°C to an even more comforting 40.8°C. How I got that? lets just say I was dumb enough to follow my bad little habbit of flushing out fever by taking a shower. So I ended up curled under the sheets for a miserable day. Thinking I was better after that day, I went to work and ended up sick after the shift so spent another few hours feverish during the next morning. Someone really messed up on sending me that friggin flu as a joke. I almost thought of asking to be sent to the hospital because I barely got to breathe properly while I was sick in bed.

Niwei, let's go back to topic. Still feeling sick, beat and wasted, I was trying to get some shut eye yesterday morning but my younger brother and our 2 cousins were discussing nothing but nonsense. I had to put up with all that. So here comes a topic... About what part of the body is the strongest? Our younger cousin pointed out 2 things from the body, one is the finger, the other is the tongue. My younger brother demanded an explanation, and so our other cousin, the one who asked the question obliged to give the necessary explanation, he then said something like this,

"With your finger you can lift a woman's body but only by some inches, use your tongue and she'll lift her whole body as high as she can. You won't need any effort other than using your tongue"
And the mindless discussions didn't end there, though there were some sensible discussions about food and better topics, they never run out of those malicious discussions. Oh and they were talking about this with my wife around. They just tell her that those were facts, and that we are mature enough to discuss things to our own disgression. Well... for one thing, they do make some sense. LOL!

And my wife says that's all those idiots do during the day since they have absolutely nothing to do. Damn bastards should get jobs or something. XD Still, it was a good way to pass time. Though some topics were considerably senseless, it still pays to just watch idiots amuse you in ways you won't expect.

What a way to start the month.

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