I'll just try to be happy. Afterall... this is my day. =]

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If only everyone would know what I'm thinking right now.

It never occured to me that I would feel like this on this particular day. Strange. I already told myself I'd be calm, happy and not irate for this day. Well... guess having to feel this way's better than being bubbly and still be able to scare the living daylights out of everyone.

Komakai koto ha ki ni suru na.
A japanese phrase which I found while surfing the net for web comics. It means "Don't worry about the little things". But then again, sometimes its those little things that really bothers you a lot.

I might have put up that strong-unfaltering-asshole image for myself for everyone to see. Still, one can only take so much.

Having been accused of something you have not done drew the last line. Still you try to be civil, and answer to it on a professional level.

And it made me think for a second there. If only I had that ammount they're allegedly imposing that was bribed to me. Then maybe I would've changed somethings in my life.

What things? These things:
  1. I would've been already married to the mother of my child.
  2. My kid would've already been baptized.
  3. We would've moved back to my wife's home town and live somewhere there. I'd just go home to my relatives' residence in Manila or to my friend's house in Marikina during my work week and go home to the province during my rest days.
  4. Lastly, I would've been able to keep my mother alive.
I wanted to scream. Hide in one of the corners of our office and just cry. But then, I know I shouldn't.

I'll just try to be happy. Afterall... this is my day. =]

Komakai koto ha ki ni suru na...

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