Cramming -- We do it everytime

Go, young grasshopper, Try out your wings!

"You already left your comfort zone, to what end? It's like leaving home for a journey. You leave behind the safety and security of your abode, but in exchange, you can live out new experiences and meet new people.You've already walked out the door. Don't waste time standing in front of your porch. Do something. You already made the first step of your journey, the first step outside your 'home'. Now, what are you going to do? Wait, don't answer yet. Think. Think... while I sleep... ^_^" -- Joe Gamer

Well, he said everything all right. =_= The only thing left to do now is whether to take the trip, try out the wings and see a whole new world, or stay at home and slouch in that comforting beanie bag.

It just so happens that you can't decide. You do want to take the risk but you're just pulled behind by the fact that you might regret what you'll be doing in the long run. And sometimes when think, we stop and think again before we act, we end up cramming instead of deciding. Why? Because you can't decide. Why? Because you just can't

I guess its in our nature to think a lot other that acting without thinking.

"Cramming life can suck worse than cramming for a test." -- Joe Gamer

Yeah, he's right. But we do enjoy cramming. I remember putting up a Y!M status that said, "Why is it that a lot of people love to do things at the last minute?" And you know what? Almost everyone online in my list at that time reacted. Some of their reactions included, "Because the pressure makes us think better." Maybe. But it doesn't apply to everyone.

Lastly, maybe we do love to cram all our life. Maybe it does help us think. And maybe, if we just think a lot more. We might end up with the right answers.

Cram 'ala proota anyone? ^_^;

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