In comes in one side, out goes on the other

My last blog update was when? o_O

I've been trying to squeeze time to get back here and collect my thoughts. I landed a bit late I think.

Having been through a lot of deep sh*tty situations, I finally land back and think of what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks. I've been abusing my self to a point that I almost dropped dead on a curb. Having been deprived of proper sleep and rest, I resort to a few things where I gained a lot of very well said comments from friends.

Here's a few:

1. Are you crazy or something? Or you're just playing dumb?
2. What good does that do to you? Think straight man!
3. Okay so here's where you are... And what do you think you should do...
4. Y'know, you're just !
5. Shut the f*ck up! <-- my personal favorite.

And guess what, they've been saying that for quite some time now. Do I listen? Yep. I do. Everything they say comes in here *points the left ear* then leaves here *points on the right ear* and then it hits me hard... here *points at the back of the head*

Have I been a little more carefree I would've been sent to one of those places called... err... I forgot what its called. =_=" Well I slammed my face a lot of times on my friends ever so trusty bed that's inside one of his house's rooms that are left unoccupied. Oh yeah... I've been working my ass off... Hence sermons galore. Do this, do that... err... I'm just tired. But I'm still up and doing what should be done. Not a routine. And I'm not insane. *Insert Nicholas Cage saying "we're one step close from insane... we're passionate"*

And if there's anything I have to say, its that I do these things because I want to. */sarcasm*

Insane? nah... its passion.

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