Six sides, six colors, nine pannels a side

The Rubik's Cube.

Despite the fact that I'm wallowing in my stirred up murky watered fish tank, trying to wash my thoughts out (which is a fact that I am mot enjoying =_=), I'm still troubled by my previous actions. Which resulted to me picking up this contraption called the Rubik's Cube.

Six sides, six colors, nine pannels a side. Turn each and every side, flip, rotate, switch and swatch the colors. But did you ever wonder? Why you could fix it or why you can't? The thing is, it has a pattern. It has this thing that you should follow. I'm not going to refer to it as a rule. Rather, let's call it a method. A type of counting and manner of how you hold it.

Odd? Its what I've been lacking. My grasp of things hasn't been that firm. Even my methods are a bit astray. It's just not working for me. And I have no idea why I'm being so unstable. And I haven't been myself lately. Insane? Nope. Just deranged. Too much to think about. Too many to consider.

Back to the cube. If only everthing can be rearranged. If only everything can be moved, switched, shifted, turned. Then maybe, we wouldn't have to be so stuck to our problems.

Yeah, that'd probably be the thing. It might just straighten my intricately diminished excuse for intelect. Well of course that'd lighten up the pressure other than the tank blowing bubbles in my oh so uncomfortable tank of possibilities.

And yeah, the cube's meaning did kick in after a few rounds of twisting and turning. And yep, it made my splitting headache worse. >_<

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