Unwound and unbound -- Trip to memory lane

Nostalgia... That sweet poison everyone seems to drink every once in a while.

And I had my fill. XD

I never new staying at home on a weekday can be so stress releiving. All i did was slouch on a sofa, have a few bags of chips beside me, hold the TV remote control, and mindlessly surf along the channels. And guess what I ended up with? Two full hours of clay animated cartoons and a few episodes of "Care Bares". XD

Now that's nothing you see everyday. Imagine a cuople of 20-year old oogling at the colored clay figures and humming along with the "Care Bares" openning song. Sounds funny? Its called reality my friend. And I'm not denying the fact that I enjoyed every last minute of that two-hour kiddie marathon which showcased "Little People", "Pingo" and "Care Bares". Oh I forgot, I had a dose of "Mr. Bean" afterwards.

That really chipped off a few blocks off my slightly drained spaghetti-like brain. Really swell. That was the best 2 hours of my sick excuse of a life. Having to remember those childhood days. Err... I just remembered... I'm supposed to be a fish. o_O

But for real... take my word for it. Have a day spent on nothing but kiddish animation. You'll thank me you did. ^_^

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